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Iggy Pop
Photo by Mick Rock

Iggy Pop, London 1972, by Mick Rock

Old man Iggy still bringing it, by Gavin Bond

Iggy Pop, serving the lewks with the dog collar and parasol combo

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop for Paco Rabanne, 2015

L’il baby James Osterberg (center), drummer for The Iguanas, 1965. He used this inspiration to later change his own name to Iggy Pop. (Don Swickerath photo)

Iggy Pop, 1977, by Ian Dickson

Iggy Pop, The Leper Messiah in Toronto, 1977, by Bob Gruen.

(What’s the deal with brandishing that cross? Did he see a vampire in the audience? Is he not one?)


A dog collar and a hint of denim. 👌🏽❤️

Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop by Chris Stein, via blondieofficial