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Janis in Toronto, June 28, 1970

Janis, by Baron Wolman

Janis & Janis, both by Baron Wolman

Janis Joplin “Concert for One”, San Francisco 1968, by Baron Wolman

Janis Joplin, Ten Vintage Photographs by

Francesco Scavullo, 1969 on Paddle8

Janis Joplin at Spaulding Taylor’s house, San Francisco, 1968 by Baron Wolman

Janis Joplin at The Fillmore, San Francisco, 1968, by Paul Fusco. ‘Photographing Janis Joplin in concert was so intense that it stayed with me. I felt connected to her. Her voice shocks the listener with its power – and I try to shock my audience into feeling what I do when I take a photo.’

Janis Joplin and Johnny Winter, Madison Square Garden 1969, by Steve Banks, from the photo gallery for Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter

(The two also performed together in Boston, which is how these photos are frequently labeled…but I’m gonna go with the credits in the book!)

Janis Joplin at the Newport Folk Festival, 1968, by David Gahr

Janis, by Ron Pownall