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Janis Joplin, San Francisco 1968, by Baron Wolman

Janis Joplin in the roof garden of the Chelsea Hotel, June 1970 by David Gahr, via washingtonpost

Jerry Garcia & Janis Joplin: 1967 & 1970

Janis Joplin, by Terry O’Neill


Janis Joplin cover shoot for her album Pearl in Hollywood, 1970.

Photos by Barry Feinstein

Not many things look happier than Happy Janis

Janis with her doggy and kitty in their San Francisco apartment, photos by Baron Wolman.

Janis Joplin, San Jose 1968, by Jim Marshall


Janis Joplin from Pop magazine, 1972

Janis Joplin in London, April 1969, by Malcolm McNeill. Not many things look happier than Happy Janis.