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Jimmy Page at the Forum, 1972, by Jeffrey Maye…

Jimmy Page at the Forum, 1972, by Jeffrey Mayer, my edit of original at cnn

soundsof71: out-on-the-zeppelin: Jimmy Page an…



Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Belfast, 1971.

This March 5 show debuted 4 songs that would appear on Led Zeppelin IV later that year: “Stairway to Heaven”, “Black Dog”, “Rock and Roll”, and “Going to California”.

And maybe it’s me having grown up in a Yiddish neighborhood in Brooklyn, but Jimmy’s hat, beard, and curled forelock looking very Orthodox to me, in a good way.



Jimmy Page, Los Angeles 1973, by James Fortune…

Jimmy Page, Los Angeles 1973, by James Fortune, via cnn

Howling Jimbert

Howling Jimbert




Hey there @callmethehunter I think I might have solved the mystery of that photo.  I believe it comes from the show in Nippon Budokan, Japan on October 2, 1972.  The following photos of Jimmy at that show seem to match the photo in my post:


You can see that his hair matches and that the dragon shirt is closed at the neckline.  I found these on Getty images and the Led Zeppelin website here:  

5-6 years back (when I was a Tumblr and LZ newbie), I also posted a photo that was really a cover band !!  That was embarrassing 😬

I’m glad @firethatgrewsolow​ was there to help and ease your mind 😊.  

My conspiracy theory that it was a fake Jimmy photoshopped into the scene was only a figment of my imagination (as many things are…) !??

Well DAYUM!!

Great research and interesting photos from the show @tatterdamalion-junketer Shout out to @soundsof71 (aka the Patron Saint of the Lemon Mistresses) for also bringing me to my senses as did @firethatgrewsolow who basically laughed at me.


@callmethehunter, I’m always willing to cut you some slack on ID-ing Jimmy pictures because you’re so hypnotized by Robert’s lemons. LOL

But @tatterdamalion-junketer, thanks so much for bringing this one in for a landing! I found a magazine photo of Jimmy from the same show that, apart from the distinctive “mushroom” haircut of late 1972, I just couldn’t nail down. I think this is definitely the same October 2 show! Originally posted here and copied below for reference in context with these others. 

He wore this top on other nights, but this is the only one I’ve seen where he’s buttoned (or unbuttoned it!) in this distinctive manner! 

And even though it’s not one of the ones in the magazine you found, I’m still going to guess that this is by Koh Hasebe. Midori’s work constitutes some of the most valuable fan photos we have, but Koh was the full-time press photographer who’d have been selling his work both inside Japan and around the world (the fragment of a caption below clearly pegging this to somewhere English-speaking).

Again, outstanding detective work! 

Jimbert at the Texas International Pop Festiva…

Jimbert at the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville TX (north of Dallas), August 1969, two weeks after Woodstock, by Jim Dickman

Jimmy Page’s wizard pants. Not a double entend…

Jimmy Page’s wizard pants. Not a double entendre, but not NOT a double entendre

Intensely Jimbert! Led Zeppelin at Uniondale’s…

Intensely Jimbert! Led Zeppelin at Uniondale’s Nassau Coliseum, February 14, 1975, by Neal Preston, via cnn