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Queen, Wembley, on Freddie Mercury’s 38th birthday, September 5 1984, by Ilpo Musto

Queen, Madison Square Garden, December 2, 1977, by Richard E. Aaron


Disco 45, 1976.

Queen, 1974! I spent hours Photoshopping out various creases and scan artifacts, so that you’re not distracted from Brian blinking. #blessed

Blessed image! Freddie’s red striped shorts and John’s overalls! Day At The Races Tour, 1976, via queenphotos

Freddie and Deacy at The Races, 1976, via queenphotos

Queen, 1977, BDE x4, by Richard E. Aaron, via rollingstone

More than one hysterical Queen, 1975 at Ridge Farm, rehearsing A Night At The Opera, via pinterest

btw, for all that it was in fact a farm with a recording and rehearsal space centered around a medieval barn, you might be shocked by who else worked there….


John Deacon at Hammersmith Odeon, 1975 .