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John and Yoko walking down the Rue d’Antibbes during the Cannes Film Festival, May 1971, by Daniel Angeli. 

You’ve seen a lot of poorly Photoshopped exaggerations of his variation on the “Keep On Truckin’” strut crossed with a Monty Python “Silly Walk”, but the one up top is as close as I can get to the original, via reddit (normally the LAST place I’d normally go for historical accuracy, but there’s a first time for everything), with another shot from just after.

John Lennon, 1971 by Spud Murphy, via Yoko at commondreams

John & Yoko, New York 1971, by Ben Ross

John Lennon, by Annie Leibovitz, for the cover of Rolling Stone’s January 21, 1971 issue. “That’s the John that I knew – and I know,” Yoko Ono said. “That’s his spirit coming out.” via Rolling Stone

John & Yoko at Tittenhurst, 1971, by George Konig

John & Yoko at Heathrow, stopping on a trip from Trinidad to Majorca in search of Yoko’s daughter Kyoko, May 1971, by Dennis Stone, my edit of original via vogue 

John Lennon, ear to the ground, New York, 1971, by Iain McMillan.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1971, by Raeanne Rubenstein

John Lennon & Yoko Ono with Miles Davis and (with back to camera) journalist Al Aronowitz, 1971

John Lennon is Available, 1971, Sunset Strip, photo by Robert Landau.