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John and Yoko outside The Dakota, 1 W 72nd Nov…

John and Yoko outside The Dakota, 1 W 72nd November 21, 1980 (2 weeks before his passing), by Allan Tannenbaum, via immusicmag

sarcasm-factory: John Lennon | George Harriso…


John Lennon | George Harrison

Filming Help!  · 1965

Working on my favorite scene! “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

John Lennon in front of his pool at Kenwood, b…

John Lennon in front of his pool at Kenwood, by The Beatles Book Monthly photographer Leslie Bryce, 1967

One of John & Yoko’s  two “Bed-ins For Pea…

One of John & Yoko’s  two “Bed-ins For Peace”, March 25-31, 1969, Room 902 of the Amsterdam Hilton, by Mark & Colleen Hayward 

hello!! i dont mean to be a pain at all but th…

hello!! i dont mean to be a pain at all but there's a photo of john with a yellow flower over one of his eyes and i was curious if you have any information on it whatsoever. i hope it's no trouble.


I think these are the photos you mean.

These lovely pictures of John were taken by Robert Whitaker in May 1965, in the gardens of John’s Weybridge home, Kenwood. Robert Whitaker was employed by Brian Epstein as the NEMS staff photographer, after he met him during the Beatles 1964 tour of Australia. At first he turned the job down, and then changed his mind when he saw the Beatles playing live. He photographed the Beatles extensively and also all the other NEMS artists like Cilla Black and Gerry and The Pacemakers, but he became very good friends with John in particular. 

This photoshoot was just photos of John and Cynthia. I don’t know that they were taken for any other purpose other than for fun and posterity. Robert Whitaker took lots of iconic photos of the Beatles including the photos of the Rain/Paperback Writer video shoot, the Beatles tours including their final world tour and maybe most famously, the Butcher Cover photos. He stopped working for NEMS shortly after the Beatles quit touring in 1966. 

Robert Whitaker is my favourite Beatles photographer because his images are always so vibrant and stunning and they seem to capture that surrealness,  eccentricity and innate Englishness (for want of a better word) that the Beatles possessed. I met him a couple of times and he was always very interesting and eccentric himself (although that could have been the copious amounts of red wine!) 

Here’s a few more photos from this fab photoshoot on the same day. 


“[John] was not just a Beatle. He was a writer, poet and painter, and I could have a conversation with him.”

[Robert Whitaker]

Beautiful photos! Thank you very much for your ask!

Pics: Robert Whitaker. 

The Beatles goofing around on the Mad Day Out,…

The Beatles goofing around on the Mad Day Out, eerily heartbreaking, July 28 1968, by Tom Murray

John Lennon, at the Cannes Film Festival, 1971

John Lennon, at the Cannes Film Festival, 1971

The Beatles “Mad Day Out”, July 28, 1968, by D…

The Beatles “Mad Day Out”, July 28, 1968, by Don McCullin

John & Yoko picking up the papers in New Y…

John & Yoko picking up the papers in New York, 1978, by fan Barbara McDede (info via beatlephotoblog)

Did any of The Beatles meet any of Queen? I kn…

Did any of The Beatles meet any of Queen? I know Brian May loves George and Freddie Mercury looked up to John

“I would never like to put myself on any sort of parallel with John Lennon at all because he was just the greatest as far as I’m concerned. […] It’s not a matter of less talent or more talent, it’s just that certain people are more capable of doing certain things better than somebody else, and I just feel that I’m not equipped to do certain things that John Lennon did, and I don’t think that anybody should, because John Lennon was unique and a one off, and that’s how it is. I admire John Lennon very much.”

[Freddie Mercury, when he was asked to compare himself to John, from a rare interview, c. 1981]

This one was a lot harder to determine! I could find next to nothing about Roger Taylor and John Deacon in respect to the Beatles or individual Beatles, so I will concentrate on what I could find! Through just how things fell, when Queen came prominence in music and life, John was in his house-husband phase and not really going out or being photographed with people and all the other Beatles were doing their things more or less away from the mainstream. Here’s what I have found: 



Ringo and Freddie, of course. As far as I can tell this is a genuine photo (there’s quite a few fake John and Freddie ones flying around). However, I can’t find any context for the photo whatsoever – maybe some of you Queen experts out there will know? It looks like it’s around 1975 to me, based on how Ringo looks. Apart from this, the only instance I could find of Ringo talking about Queen was the much quoted quote, “Your majesty,” which was from Ringo about Freddie. Again, can’t find any context! 



Get out of the photo, Bono. 


These photos are from Live Aid in 1985, there’s many more. I picked this one as Freddie has his hand on Paul’s arm. 


Paul with Brian and Roger (and Linda of course) at the British Video Awards in London, on the 16th October 1986. 

There’s quite a few photos of Paul with various members of Queen, usually at events like the ones above, but it doesn’t appear they are friends, per se. 


It appears John was never photographed with or met any of the members of Queen (which is a shame). I think at the time Queen were coming to the forefront of music, John had just moved to America and as Queen rose, John withdrew from the public eye to look after Sean. However, as you may know, John was a hero of Freddie’s in particular. 

The above video is an audio recording of Queen playing Imagine live in concert at Wembley, London on the 9th December 1980, the day after John died, and the day the the news would have been spreading and shocking the world. Queen continued to play Imagine live as a tribute to John through out 1981-2 (maybe longer). 

Around the same time Freddie wrote the song Life is Real (Song For Lennon) which appeared on the Queen album Hot Space, released in 1982. Life is Real is almost a pastiche of a John Lennon song, starting with three bell-like piano notes, paying homage to Beautiful Boy and Starting Over, and its a ‘sparse’ piano based tune, also playing musical homage to Mother, and the title may be a reference to Strawberry Fields (Nothing is Real) or Love (Love is Real). 

Also on the same album is the song Put Out The Fire which seems to reference John’s death in the lyrics: 

They called him a hero
In the land of the free
But he wouldn’t shake my hand boy
He disappointed me
So I got my hand gun
And I blew him away
That critter was a bad guy
And I had to make him pay



Here’s a photo of George (with Joe Brown and Chas McDevitt) playing a Brian May Red Special guitar in 1992 (I think it’s probably Brian’s actual, original guitar!) And here’s George and Brian at the same event: 


Brian May is a huge George fan. I think it’s fair to say George is his favourite guitarist. (As an aside, people sometimes like to rip off George and belittle his guitar playing – I think, only because he wasn’t a showboat-er or as ostentatious as other guitarists, people can overlook him – but George is a guitar players guitarist. People who really know what they’re talking about are typically fans of George). 

Brian only met George once, at the Water Rats Ball (a charity event) which was held on the 29th November 1992. Here’s a quote from Brian from an interview in November 2001 (just before George died): 

“I’ve been thinking about George a lot recently and I really wish him well. And just before you came I was thinking about how the press treated Freddie when he was ill. You know, he literally couldn’t step outside his door for photographers. They were even trying to get in the windows and there’s absolutely nothing you can do; you have no protection.

“But I’ve only met George once. We played together at a Water Rats do, when Bert Weedon was King Rat. There was George, Joe Brown, Bert and me… what a precious moment. I had a blinding migraine, but the moment overcame the pain. I wish I’d had the balls to say what I really wanted to at the time. I hold George in such reverence and I think he’s so underrated by the guitar community; everyone raves about people who play fast, but if you look at the catalogue of stuff he’s produced, it’s colossal.”

Here’s some of my favourite Brian/George tweets from Dr May as well: 


I love how Brian loves George, and I love Brian as well! 

Thank you for your ask and as ever, apologies for the time it’s taken for my reply!