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Mick and The Sassy Stones on ABC’s Your Lucky Stars, 1964, by Terry O’Neill

Rolling Stones Babies: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards take to the tube, March 21, 1965, by David Redfern 

The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards and Brian Jones in black and white. Nice hats, fellas

The Rolling Stones, cover shoot for Between The Buttons, by Gered Mankowitz

The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards, Phoenix 1965 , by Jean-Marie Périer

The Rolling Stones in Paris, May 1965, by Jean-Marie Périer

The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger brings his Cleopatra eye makeup “A” game to New York, photo by Bob Gruen

“Keith Richards, Wasted” (1966), by Gered Mankowitz. 

(”Keith Richards, Wasted” is the photographer’s title for his photograph, not one of my quippy, judgmental captions)

The Rolling Stones, 1971, by David Montgomery. They come in colors. They’re like a rainbow!

Mick Jagger peeking from behind Keith Richards, Madison Square Garden 1975.