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Bob Dylan with Roger McGuinn and Scarlet Rivera on the Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975, by Ken Regan



Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Thunder Revue—Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA, November 20, 1975, by Ken Regan.


Bob Dylan, The Rolling Thunder Revue—Bangor, Maine, November 27, 1975, photo by Ken Regan.



Mick Jagger


This looks like Mick the morning after the sleepover, finally taking the dare to call that boy in second period geometry he has a crush on. What it IS lounging at producer Michael Butler’s LA home, 1972, by Ken Regan.

Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975, stopping at Gordon Lightfoot’s Toronto home, by Ken Regan

Stevie Nicks, Oakland 1976, by Ken Regan. Many, many versions of this floating around, but I love this new, razor-sharp scan with delicate sepia highlights courtesy Morrison Hotel Gallery.

Smilin’ Bob, by Ken Regan

Joni Mitchell on Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975, by Ken Regan, via getty.

(I don’t believe in removing watermarks, but Getty happened to serve these without ‘em. They were a mess, though, and, imperfect as they are, still took me hours to clean up in Photoshop. Thanks for keeping the caption!)

Bob Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue,  November 9 1975, by Ken Regan. Eyeliner game on point, AND THAT HAT

Duckface of the gods! Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, Berkeley Community Theater, ZEPtember 13-14, 1971, by Ken Regan