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Count Chocula Goes to Hollywood

In 1979, the Monsters hit the big time with the release of three records. This one, “Count Chocula Goes to Hollywood,” sounds like a party to us!

1974 Good Humor Ice Cream “Monster Pops” Sticker

from: Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character, 2009.

70′s/80′s Local Television Halloween Station IDs/Bumpers

(via: YouTube)

1. WJZ-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 1980
2. WNEW-TV, New York, New York, 80′s
3. WUTV-TV, Buffalo, New York, 1984
4. KHJ-TV, Los Angeles, California, 1981
5. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
6. WXIA-TV, Atlanta, Georgia, 1980


Vintage Novelty Transistor Radios Part 2

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50′s Paulette Guinet Black Swan sunglasses

(via: The Kitsch Meow)


1967 Jolly Green Giant Advertisement, via jackie and spooky Nelson on Pinterest.

Vintage Novelty Telephones



The Official Star Trek Duty Jacket, 1980

1997 Mini Pop Swatch “Feathers” Watch

From swatch: A Guide for Connoisseurs and Collectors; Frank Edwards, 1999.