Category: kitschy

1968 Pantone “Speak Color Speak Pantone” promotional button

(via: buttonmuseum)


colorful cassette players from etsy🌈📻🎶



Vintage Owl Wrapping Paper

from All Wrapped Up! Groovy Gift Wrap of the 1960′s by Kevin Akers.
Chronicle Books. 2005.


Poodle stickers by Sanylion


Cook’s Corner... 1970s kitchen accessories.

Radio Medallion Solid-State Radio Advertisement

From a 1973 Radio Shack Catalog

(via: radioshackcatalogs)


Vintage 1980s Jelly Bean Jar Candy Scented Scratch and Sniff Sticker

Groovy Tissue Box Cover Crafts

From Greystone’s Creative Hands, Vol 14., 1975.

Vintage Woodland Animals Illustrations

from Happy Kitty Bunny Pony: A Saccharine Mouthful of Super Cute, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2005.