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The Golden God at The Forum, 1975, via thebusfm

Led Zeppelin: Black Dragon Jimbert at the Forum, 1975, by Neil Zlozower

The Golden God at The Forum, 1975, via thebusfm

Jimmy Page and The White Dragon at the LA Forum, June 21, 1977 by Jeffrey Mayer

Robert Plant, a VERY Golden God at the LA Forum, June 3, 1973

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, March 27, 1975, The Forum, by Neal Preston

Jimbert 77, Coast to Coast: Madison Square Garden by Bob Gruen, and The Forum by Neal Preston, in that order. 

I say “in that order” because I’m not sure how to use the words “top” and “bottom” in the context of Jimbert. Pairing these two photos definitely put some new thoughts in my head, though….

The Power of Bob Dylan’s Hair Compels Thee! August 3, 1986, at the Forum with Tom Petty, by Nick Ut

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones at the LA Forum, 1972

Jimmy Page,  “In My Time of Dying” at The Forum, March 21, 1975, my edit of original via DanelectroUSA Twitter (Guitar nerds: note the slide on the third finger of his left hand!)