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Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, 1973

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, Tampa FL, May 5, 1973, by Laurance Ratner. The 58,600 fans there broke the record held by The Beatles for largest audience to see a single act.

Led Zeppelin, June 1969, backstage after their first performance at the Royal Albert Hall

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin: The Golden God in black and white! Spectacular new scan of Terry O’Neill’s photo, from Led Zeppelin Live, my edit of original via variety

The Golden God’s mane in motion at the Electric Magic shows, Wembley Empire Pool, November 1971, days after the release of Led Zeppelin IV, by Fin Costello

Jimmy Page, dark angel, by Neal Preston

Jimbert 77, Coast to Coast: Madison Square Garden by Bob Gruen, and The Forum by Neal Preston, in that order. 

I say “in that order” because I’m not sure how to use the words “top” and “bottom” in the context of Jimbert. Pairing these two photos definitely put some new thoughts in my head, though….

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page: Laser-light Jimbert

Jimmy Page, Dark Wizard

John Paul Jones, 1972, via physicalzeppelin