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Jimbert at a glance, via



Duckface of the Gods as @soundsof71 calls it

Because he’s the Golden God making a duckface. Lots of people did this, of course, and still do, but he and Jimmy are the only ones who made it look cool.


Jimmy Page, Red Zeppelin 1975


Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, by Neil Zlozower. Cameltoe of the Gods!

People have messaged me saying that I should say “moose knuckle”, which I categorically refuse, because:

a) “Cameltoe” is gender neutral. I assure you that camels of every gender have toes and that they are shaped identically;

b) Robert visited far more places where camels live, so I think that the term would evoke more fond memories of his travels; and

c) “Cameltoe of the Gods” sounds more like “Hammer of the Gods”.

Of course, feel free to tag it any way you want. Reading your tags is the most exciting part of my life. LOL

Jimbert’s complementary floral ensembles, Jonesy’s non-judgmental sideburns (1975)

Jimbert ‘75: lovely matching floral ensembles for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, by David Stratford 

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, Detroit, January 31, 1975, by Charlie Auringer, via ledzepconcerts

Golden God at The Garden bathed in red light, 1975, spectacular shot by user Hue&Eye posted at, with my gentle, loving edit

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin: The Golden God in black and white! Spectacular new scan of Terry O’Neill’s photo, from Led Zeppelin Live, my edit of original via variety

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, Long Beach 1975, by John Gavrilis