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Gloriously Jimbert

“I sold my first strap to the amazing ROBERT PLANT 1971!” by Jan Nicolas. “I had been working in leather for a while before I started making straps.  I had a few beautiful ones hanging in my studio/office.  Led Zeppelin were in town at the Continental Hyatt ‘riot’ House Hotel.  My friend Linda and I used to spend weekends hanging out in the coffee shop to star gaze.  In the evening, they had a line winding through the lobby to accommodate all the people who wanted to meet Rock Stars.  

“This was a pretty quiet Saturday afternoon, and I grabbed a strap that I thought would suit RP and we found him hanging out in the lobby with body guards, groupies and photographers.  

“I was so shy, that my girlfriend had to call him over to look at the strap.  He loved it, he paid $100 for it and gladly posed for a photo.  Happily, one of the magazine photographers was a friend, and took this picture for me.  I was still in high school, and I was  completely overwhelmed when Mr. Plant cuddled right up to me for the picture.  Now, it is my all time favorite.”

More here. My edits to the pictures she posted, but do click through for more of her amazing story.


Pit Stains of The Gods

Golden God at The Garden bathed in red light, 1975, spectacular shot by user Hue&Eye posted at, with my gentle, loving edit

Robert Plant, a VERY Golden God at the LA Forum, June 3, 1973


The Star and the Scarab Necklace 🖤

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, 1973


Jimmy Page by Lilia Konsvintseva

via Fine Art

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, 1975


Excuse me while I go have a cold shower. #thud

Daddy Lion