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Lita Ford, The Runaways,  via

The Runaways: Lita Ford and Sandy West at record store signing(s). I have no idea if it’s the same one, and I haven’t been able to find anything else about them – but it feels like these belong together. My edits of sources here  and here

Lita Ford, 1976, my edit of original via

The sun will come out right fucking now, dammit! Lita Ford swings into the after party for a benefit performance of “Annie”, raising money for the Park Century School in Century City, CA October Oct. 4, 1978, my edit of original via historylovers.

That’s probably a lot more than needs saying about that photo, and yet not nearly enough!

Sandy West and Lita Ford in Los Angeles, September 1976. 

It’s easy to forget how VERY young they were sometimes! This was the same month that Lita turned 18, so she might still be 17 here, as Sandy definitely is. Girls, yes, but Queens of Noise!

PS. We rightly talk about Joan Jett first when we talk about The Runaways, and forever shall, but these two are the virtuosos, imo. Lita is still one of the finest shredders on any stage, and Sandy’s influence is still being heard in every drummer of every gender on the glam-metal-punk continuum.

PPS. The dude in stripes to the left of Sandy that we see part of is Rick Derringer of “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” fame, and on right, the legendary purveyor of new sounds and general debauchery, Rodney Bingenheimer.

Lita Ford rocking Spidey, a Marvel herself

Lita Ford, The Runaways

The Runaways (Joan Jett, Jackie Fox, Lita Ford) at CBGB, August 2, 1975, by Richard E. Aaron

hey sorry to bother! u r so good at finding pictures n stuff is there anyway you could find some of lita ford in japan '77 in this outfit? youtube/com/watch?v=-p-mC_B0KAc

It’s funny, there are other eras of The Runaways where we have pictures galore, but no video, but this particular trip was all about the video! 

Speaking of which, here’s the clip you linked to, embedded:

There’s a lot of other truly fantastic footage, but hardly any photos…so, challenge accepted! I’ll start digging around.

Until then, here’s a great poster from The Runaways Live In Japan record, which I highly recommend, featuring Lita’s distinctive hot pants and silver boots! Not quite the outfit in the video, but close enough for now. 

More soon!

The Runaways, Mk IV (Joan Jett, Vicki Blue, Sandy West, Lita Ford) by Michael Mastro, from their official Twitter.