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Jimbert 77, Coast to Coast: Madison Square Garden by Bob Gruen, and The Forum by Neal Preston, in that order. 

I say “in that order” because I’m not sure how to use the words “top” and “bottom” in the context of Jimbert. Pairing these two photos definitely put some new thoughts in my head, though….

The Power of Bob Dylan’s Hair Compels Thee! August 3, 1986, at the Forum with Tom Petty, by Nick Ut

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones at the LA Forum, 1972

Elton John and 55,000 of his closest friends at Dodger Stadium, wearing a sequined Dodgers uniform designed by Bob Mackie, October 26, 1975. Photo by Terry O’Neill.

On January 27, 1971, David Bowie arrived in America for the first time…wearing this dress. He was detained by security for over an hour. These photos were taken in LA in February, by John Mendelsohn.


Mick Jagger


This looks like Mick the morning after the sleepover, finally taking the dare to call that boy in second period geometry he has a crush on. What it IS lounging at producer Michael Butler’s LA home, 1972, by Ken Regan.

Jimmy Page,  “In My Time of Dying” at The Forum, March 21, 1975, my edit of original via DanelectroUSA Twitter (Guitar nerds: note the slide on the third finger of his left hand!)

Joni Mitchell,  Los Angeles 1975, by Norman Seeff


Ginger Baker of Blind Faith in LA from Life magazine, 1969



David Bowie, getting prepped for his appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, February 3, 1976, by Neal Preston

Okay, so here’s a query for you Bowie whizzes that I’ve asked all over the web, and have yet to find an answer. What the heck was David on GMA to talk about?

The rest of the context is that he was in Los Angeles to speak with Rona Barrett, GMA’s Hollywood correspondent (the show was, and is, based in New York), and he was there with Angie. So more specifically, what was Dave on Good Morning America to talk about alongside Angie?

Here they are on air….


…and backstage with Rona:


In context, he’d just begun his Isolar tour in support of Station To Station, which makes me wonder about if the date of Feb. 3 on these photos can possibly be correct. He’d played Vancouver to open the tour the night before and was due in Seattle later that night, but to be in LA for a New York live spot, he might have been on set as early as 5am — and he notoriously hated to fly, and no way he could have done this by train. 

Maybe it was a taped segment to promote his 3-night run in LA starting the 8th, plus a night in San Diego, the following week? But still, how? Or maybe he did the taping when he did in fact arrive in LA…which still begs the question, what would he have been talking about with Angie alongside him?

Anyway, this is some of the stuff that keeps me awake at night, and why I spend an average of maybe an hour of research per post I make, and in some cases, like this one, doing vastly more than that, over a period of months or even years. And sometimes to no avail.

Sooooooo, my Bowie experts, what can you tell me? Help a brother get some sleep!

PS. #rant on:  These pictures are typically credited to the Michael Ochs Archives, a pet peeve of mine. That’s accurate enough, but Michael Ochs wasn’t a photographer himself. He rightly saw an opportunity to manage the rights of other people’s photographs, and did what he could to elevate the brand value of his archive, even if it meant erasing the names of the original photographers. For all my gratitude for preserving the photos, a pox on him and his estate’s minions at Getty for obscuring the heritage of the photographers who actually did the work, here, as noted, Neal Preston. Sometimes “Michael Ochs Archives” is the only name we’ll ever have, but please do the fandom a favor when you can, and try to find the REAL names of the photographers when you post them. #rant off