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Marc Bolan

December 1971

Iggy Stooge, Psychedelic Storm Trooper. Toronto’s Beetle Magazine, 1974. via

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, in Circus magazine, April 1977

Linda Ronstadt from Circus Magazine, December 1975, via

Debbie Harry in Vanity Fair, 1989, by Steven Meisel


Pink Floyd  (photos, Europa Sonore Studios, Paris France, dec.1971).

Exactly my face when I saw this cover

Todd is Godd

(Behold the classic 70s-vintage flipped image, as our boy Todd does indeed play righty. And yes, this is the guitar known as The Fool, previously owned by Clapton and Harrison that Todd later owned for decades.)


Marc Bolan from Mojo magazine


Janis Joplin from Pop magazine, 1972