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Mick Jagger

Petticoat  – 6 December 1969

David Bowie using a special theater palette, which he had brought back from his nine-gig Japanese tour in April 1973.
Photo by Mick Rock

It’s demon boy’s first day of school! I’m so proud!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do a creature makeup but my little brother asked me to do career day at his school so I decided to go all out. There really was something hilarious about kids gawking at Satan walking down the halls of their school.

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley

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John & Paul by Harry Benson.

Deadpool Pants ✔️
Deadpool Sweatshirt ✔️
Spider-Man Shirt ✔️
Deadpool Hat ✔️
Deadpool makeup look ✔️
My Own Severed Arm ✔️


(I’m an SFX artist and the arm I made from a cast of my arm recently for a horror film I’m not actually bringing my severed arm prop to a Deadpool 2 showing I just thought it was funny for a photo I feel the need to say this before I get 20 asks saying WHAT THE FUCK)

I’ll post actual photos of the makeup tomorrow but for now here are progress pics of just the face

Did someone say Artist Vs The Art

Over the last couple months I’ve been posting a photo of each of my favorite makeups I have done. This one I actually did at a high school so show some students interested in film what I do and what goes into making monsters for the movies. This turned out to be one of my favorite makeups because of the way the character ended up being dressed up. Listen up as this gargoyle bat teacher creature lectures you on the dangers of substance abuse!

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Over the past couple months I’ve been posting one photo of each of my favorite makeups and here is one I did for a competition at a convention in Toronto (The theme was Guardians Of The Galaxy).

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