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Marc Bolan from Mojo magazine

Marc Bolan, T. Rex: casually glam,1975, by Anwar Hussein. Nice shoes, man.

Marc Bolan, 1972. *sighs*


Marc Bolan, 1972.
© Anwar Hussein


Two piece black velvet suit with metallic striped embellishments by Granny Takes A Trip – early 1970s
Worn by rock stars such as Roger Taylor (Queen), Sly Stone, Mick Ronson (The Spiders From Mars) and Marc Bolan (T. Rex)

Marc Bolan, Elton John, for the T. Rex film Born To Boogie, directed by Ringo, 1972.

T. Rex, with Marc Bolan on guitar and GLAMbourine

Ringo Starr & Marc Bolan, 1972, by Keith Morris

Ringo Starr, Marc Bolan, promo for Ringo’s 1972 T. Rex documentary, Born to Boogie.