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Tune In – Turn On


I never usually post images that I haven’t scanned myself, but this particular post is an exception to the rule. I know that a lot of people on Tumblr source the images that they upload from other blogs. I’ve particularly noticed an incredible amount of images on here and elsewhere that have been sourced from a blog devoted to Vogue magazine between the years 1965-1975 called YOUTHQUAKER, which also happens to be a favourite of mine! Running an independent fashion blog is a costly and time consuming endeavour, and Youthquaker have been very generous to us all over the years, so for anyone who has ever used the content on that website in someway or merely enjoyed the view, I’d like you to take a moment read their latest post HERE

Live at the Crystal Palace Bowl; London, England, Saturday, July 31, 1971

from Yes: An Authorized Biography by Dan Hedges, 1980.

70′s/80′s Local Television Thanksgiving Station IDs/Bumpers

1. WOR-TV, Seacaucus, New Jersey, 1981
2. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1978
3. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
4. KYW-TV, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, 1983


“City Slicker Coat” 1965


Onomatopoeia from the 1966 BATMAN TV show.


Space woman and space man, Tomorrowland Disneyland, 1967


70′s Mattel Rock Flowers Doll Case Illustrations





Electric Light Orchestra, 1974.
Photographer: Peter Mazel

From The History of Rock | 1974