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David Bowie on Soul Train, 1975

Todd Rundgren on NBC’s The Midnight Special, aired December 7, 1973, by Lynn Goldsmith. Pretty damn glam.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, aired September 17, 1967

David Bowie on Cher (CBS), 1975


Freddie Mercury performing ‘Killer Queen’ (Top of the Pops, 1974)


Linda Ronstadt performing “One For One” live, 1967


The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Happening for Lulu, January 4, 1969 via


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Do You Wanna Touch Me • Toppop 1982

Is that, like, a trick question?

David Bowie on Soul Train, aired November 4, 1975, where he performed “Golden Years” and “Fame,” Andrew Kent photos, via