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It’s my first bi visibility day out of the closet so witness it

Reposting cause I deleted it the first time out of shame here is my Concert Look

Going to a concert today

Some uhhhhh Snapchat selfies

What up

The drive in movie theater did a labyrinth night and my little brother went all in

Got a haircut and we be livin with it folks

It’s 3 am I’m a mess and I haven’t posted selfies in a long time to time to uhhhh do that

Got a tattoo of my lovely one eyed pretty kitty with a third eye on her forehead. This cat has helped me through so much anxiety and I love her to pieces. Her name is Khoshekh and here is some photos of her to appreciate her

I’m a special effects makeup artist and my little brother asked me to come in for career day and I’m fucking wheezing from these photos of me and the devil himself showing kids a severed arm