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Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, March 27, 1975, The Forum, by Neal Preston

Black Dragon Jimbert, by Neal Preston


Here’s one more in the sequence:


Still want to know how he went from these pics to the man just wearing the bow tie, some boots, and that dollar bill in his hand (look it up)…

You’ve forgotten the literal Money Shot! I posted this here as “Iggy Pubes”.

This really is a fantastic session from Neal Preston. Here are some more!

The Dark Wizard works his magic

(Where can I get that choker??)

Marc Bolan’s nipple, by Neal Preston, via NealPrestonPhotography

Speaking of Star Wars… Freddie and Darth by Neal Preston, via nealprestonphotography

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, by Neal Preston

Jimmy Page, Wizard Pants Danelectro by NealPrestonPhotography

Gregory Allman, Golden God, my edit of original via NealPrestonPhotography

Jimmy Page, swinging White Poppy, my edit of original via NealPrestonPhotography