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In bed, on fur, shirtless in velvet and leather fringe playing trumpet: why not? Miles Davis, 1970, by Mark Patiky, my edit of original via pitchfork

Marc Bolan, Born To Boogie by Keith Morris, my edit of original via pitchfork

Eric Clapton with Cream, Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, May 29, 1968 via clapton_was_god

Freddie Mercury, February 5, 1977 at Madison Square Garden, by Michael Brennan, via 1stdibs

(Freddie’s response to punk: ballet slippers. Perfect.)

David Bowie, Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles 1974: Diamond Dog Leper Messiah, by Terry O’Neill

Eric Clapton in Ben Nevis, Scotland, 1967, by Robert Whitaker, my edit of original via clapton_was_god. I don’t know anything about carpet or drapes, but HIS BOOTS MATCH HIS PANTS

David Bowie, Los Angeles 1973, my edit of original via mashable

Swinging Jimbert! Led Zeppelin via NealPrestonPhotography


Ray Manzarek and The Doors. (The poster image at, as well it should be!) Nice sandals, man.

I originally posted this for Ray, but I just noticed Jim looking FIRE back there too.

Freddie Mercury in black vinyl and white ballet slippers! By Neal Preston, via fanpop