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Elton John: Kiss My Patch!

Elton John, early 70s fashion icon


Bernie Taupin & Elton John, 1971, via

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin 1972, Montreux, by Barrie Wentzell

Neil Young, puffy shirt and patched jeans, 1970, by Barrie Wentzell

Elton John, early 70s fashion icon


Keith Emerson

London 1971, by Michael Putland

Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne flinging fringe on Staten Island, November 1-2, 1970, my edit of original via inthestudio, dates via black-sabbath

Rita Coolidge in London’s Hyde Park, May 5, 1971, via sfgate. Rita released her first two solo albums in 1971, and was in London on tour opening for The Byrds.