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Patti Smith, 1978, by Chris Walter, via popsugar


Patti Smith. ©

Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith, 1977, by Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith with a Bolex film camera and white gloves, by Judy Linn, 1969, via dangerousminds

Patti Smith at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, 1971, by David Gahr

Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, Hotel Chelsea 1971, by David Gahr

Patti Smith in Central Park, July 9, 1976, by Richard E. Aaron

Patti Smith channeling Bob Dylan, by Judy Linn



Patti Smith, record shopping in NYC, John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in hand. Photo by Danny Clinch

“I was shooting Patti shopping in a New York City record store. She grabbed Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and said, ‘I have to buy it. I can’t stand to see it in a bin, not being played.’ She had six copies, and bought that one, too.”

-Danny Clinch 

Patti Smith, 68th St. subway stop, New York City, 1971, by Gerard Malanga. “My great quandary was what coat to wear and which books to bring.”  ~ Patti Smith, M Train