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Patti Smith, by Norman Seeff

Iggy Pop by Mick Rock in London, 1972, and Patti Smith in New York, 1976 (my edits of sources here and here)






Dancing barefoot: Patti Smith, 1975, by Bill King

Ummmm yall? The source for this is a foot fetish wiki??? Hello??????

ok feet

Look, my process is 1) see a picture I like, 2) look for the biggest, clearest source I can, 3) find out everything I can about when and where it was taken, and by whom, plus maybe a germane quote from either photographer or subject, 4) edit it if I think I can improve it, and 5) post with credit for the photographer and source, and note if I’ve changed it substantially from how it was originally posted. Sometimes this takes hours, sometimes days or weeks.

I probably first found a tiny version of this on Pinterest, with no details or photographer credits (typical, and aggravating af, although thanks for setting me on the hunt), and kept looking until I found the best version I could, tracked down the photographer and date, and shared all that with you. 

Citing sources doesn’t imply approval of everything on the site the picture came from, but hey, my thanks to the freaks who are so carefully preserving the artifacts of our shared musical heritage. Preservation? Maybe call it pervs-ervation, but you’re welcome for the awesome picture with proper credits.

Although I tag “barefoot” because there are often unusual circumstances at play in photos with bare feet, nothing more to it than that… my main reaction to seeing all this is a) love to everyone who interacts with my posts, and b) wondering if we should all go upvote Patti’s feet. That score just doesn’t seem right to me.

Patti Smith, NYC 1976, by Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith in her New York City apartment, 1974, by Allan Tannenbaum

Patti Smith’s shiny new Rickenbacker. Photos by Denis O’Regan, 1976, when Patti came to Britain to record an episode of The Old Grey Whistle Test. (She performed “Horses” and “Hey Joe.” Note the OGWT “Starkicker” badge.) These are adorable! She’s clearly in love.

Patti Smith, 1971, my edit of original Andy Warhol Polaroid via interview.

Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe, on the balcony of their Hotel Chelsea apartment, 222 W. 23rd St, 1971, by Gerard Malanga.

“We used to laugh at our small selves, saying that I was a bad girl trying to be good and that he was a good boy trying to be bad. Through the years these roles would reverse, then reverse again, until we came to accept our dual natures. We contained opposing principles, light and dark.”  ~Patti Smith, Just Kids

Iggy Pop and Patti Smith backstage at The Roxy, 1977, by Jim Cassatta

Patti Smith, NYC 1976, by Lynn Goldsmith