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Paul McCartney, in one of the first pictures of Wings, August 1971. 

Paul McCartney & Wings, London’s Osterly Park 1971, for the cover of their debut album Wild Life, via Paul’s official Instagram

Paul McCartney recording 1971′s RAM, by Linda McCartney

Paul & Linda McCartney, Scotland, 1971. I have no explanation for this. 

Paul & Linda McCartney for the debut of Wings, Wild Life, 1971

Paul McCartney, from the cover shoot for Wings’ debut, Wild Life, 1971.


Paul and Mary in New York, 1971.

Photo by Linda McCartney


A new unseen picture of Paul, Heather & the horses, photographed by Linda McCartney in Scotland, 1971🐎🥰

Paul McCartney at home, 1971

From Paul McCartney’s official Instagram, celebrating the re-release of Wings’ 1971 debut Wild Life