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Look, the four moods



Paul McCartney photographed by Barry Lategan in the autumn of 1968, at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St John’s Wood, London.

The Beatles goofing around on the Mad Day Out, eerily heartbreaking, July 28 1968, by Tom Murray

Paul McCartney and John Lennon, December 17, 1961, by Albert Marrion, via beatlesource.

Albert Marrion recalls “This photo session was done for [Brian] Epstein as a friendly gesture against the wishes of my partner… I took about thirty photographs…but discarded all but sixteen negatives because many showed Lennon and McCartney acting up and spoiling the pose. No doubt, those negatives should have been kept, looking back.”

Wow. Just wow.


OFFTOPIC: Paul McCartney photographed by Linda in 1982 📸

Paul McCartney recording 1971′s RAM, by Linda McCartney

The Beatles recording The Saturday Club for BBC radio, Playhouse Theatre, May 21 1963, via multiplusbooks. These are adorable!

Paul McCartney at the live broadcast of “All You Need is Love”, June 25, 1967

The Beatles: George Harrison and Paul McCartney at Abbey Road (perhaps working on “Something”?)