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Albert Einstein wasn’t just interested in splitting the atom. He was apparently all about shredding.

(Clever fake via guitargathering)

Clever, but no….

There’s actually quite a bit of documentation of Jimi’s record collections in London, New York, and Seattle, but alas, no mention of The Stooges. Check out an amazing overview here, with a deeper dive into the London collection he shared with Kathy Etchington here, which includes a complete list.


A glorious Photoshop fake by Mike McCoy originally posted here

And here’s the original, taken in Elvis’s suite at the Las Vegas Hilton, 1972.


Michael Jackson’s Joy Division t-shirt!

(Adorable Photoshop fake atop a 1971 photo of Michael in a Micky Mouse t-shirt. Please let me know if you have an artist credit for this!)


I have no idea why this is so funny right now.
David’s face is just like “What the fuck? Why is there a cow? How much acid did i take? Was it even acid? What is going on? Help me”

I love this! I’d just come across the original photo by Henri Roger-Viollet Man, taken in Paris, 1950. 

In a deft touch from the artist, the photo of David is also from Paris, a 1971 session of the band with actress Jeanne Moreau by

Goksin Sipahioglu. 

All together, this is great work! Thanks!