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David Bowie Polaroid by Diego Uchitel taken during a 1991 photo session with Tin Machine in Los Angeles, via davidbowie


Debbie Harry

“When Debbie gave me access to her private photos this is one of the first images I was blown away by. A Polaroid of her in the woods, so private and candid, so natural and seductive. I knew it had to be one of the first images of the book” ~ Rob Roth, Creative Director of Debbie’s Face It



Linda and Stella McCartney: perfect.


Some more goodies. Two photos of Paul McCartney in knitted sweater cardigans  both from 1967. As before, these are scan sent to us from a fan who was the copyright to both photos. PLEASE just enjoy and do no repost.

Mick Jagger



John Lennon & Yoko 1971, Polaroid by Andy Warhol, my edit.


Paul Giambarba, package design for Polaroid, 1968. The Polaroid colorpack film was the first rigid plastic bodied color film to sell at consumer range prices. The stripes became a part of the product identity. Source

Patti Smith, 1971, my edit of original Andy Warhol Polaroid via interview.