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Pete Townshend, The Who, by Chris Morphet

Pete Townshend, The Who: Saville Theatre, London, October 22, 1967. “For those who like to say I was ugly, I don’t think there is much in rock that is more beautiful than me at this time.” (Quote and Chris Morphet photo via)

Mick Ronson, 1975, by Terry O’Neill. Holy shit.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, aired September 17, 1967

Pete Townshend, The Who, Monterey Pop 1967, by Elaine Mayes. “When the Who started smashing their instruments and releasing fog all over the stage the audience was incredulous. We had never seen smashing as aesthetics. It seemed wasteful and felt scary.”

Queen: Freddie Mercury and Brian May in Chicago, January 28, 1977, via

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, London’s Lyceum Ballroom, by C. Maher

Neil Young, puffy shirt and patched jeans, 1970, by Barrie Wentzell

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, The Puffy Shirt on Top of the Pops, by Chris Walter 

(Guitar nerds: Keef’s Flying V alert!)

Brian May, fluffy glam angel man, Ph.D., via