Category: punk rock

Freddie Mercury in Oakland, December 16, 1978, by Ed Perlstein, via vogue

Something uniquely soft about Punk Freddie with his fist clenched. Amazing.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Los Angeles 1970 to record Fun House, by Ed Caraeff, via John Varvatos in Vanity Fair

Debbie Harry, 1975, from Playground: The New York Underground 1971-1978 by Paul Zone


The Runaways 1977

Joan Jett, Cherie Curry, Jackie Fox, Lita Ford and Sandy West

Patti Smith, 1977, by Lynn Goldsmith. Punk even in a flower crown. ESPECIALLY in a flower crown.

my edit of original via Lynn’s rockandrollphotogallery

Iggy Pop and Joey Ramone in color! Photo by Paul Natkin.

Iggy Stooge, Psychedelic Storm Trooper. Toronto’s Beetle Magazine, 1974. via

Debbie Harry, 1979, by Edo Bertoglio, my edit of original via blondieofficial

Debbie Harry, Blondie, by Ron Pownall

Debbie Harry, Hammersmith Odeon 1977 by Derek Ridgers, via wmagazine