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Freddie Mercury, Queen, Copenhagen, May 1977, by Jorgen Angel (shot with his Hasselblad camera and newly scanned with Hasselblad Flextight scanner), via hasselblad

Four flavors of Freddie fabulousness.

Brian May, Queen, by Steve Emberton

Queen rehearsing A Night At The Opera at Ridge Farm, summer 1975, via queenphotos

Freddie Mercury, 1969, by Mark & Colleen Hayward

Freddie Mercury, Brian May: Queen, October 30 1974, Manchester, by Howard Barlow. 

Freddie Mercury, 1974, by Mick Rock, via queenphotos

Queen, 1973. “I had never heard of them, but with Freddie, it was immediately apparent that I was in the presence of a charismatic visionary who was totally focused. He set the dress sense for the whole band, and I remember that he smelt of something delicious.” ~ Photographer Johnny Dewe Matthews

Queen: Freddie Mercury and Brian May

Brian May, Queen, by Steve Emberton