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Freddie Mercury rehearsing News of the World, 1977, my edit of original via queenphotos


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Sheer Heart Attack: Freddie Mercury, 1975, my edit of original via thoughtsonthedead

Freddie Mercury, touring to support Queen’s The Game (1980), their only US #1 album

Freddie Mercury and Brian May, Sydney, April 1985 by Bob King, via pitchfork


« That’s Roger on the grass, being a hippy, playing a twelve-string guitar. He probably still has that guitar, because he’s more of a collector of guitars than I am. Roger has a lot of guitars. There he is, in his flowery shirt and frayed jeans. » Brian May (Queen in 3D)

Freddie Mercury, 1974, one of a series of Italian postcards, via ebay, my edit of scan by Lorena Battaglia


Queen: Freddie Mercury and Brian May, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, Budapest, July 27, 1986, via queenphotos.

I was just going to post this without additional commentary (no, I have not been taken over by a pod from outer space), but you know what? You really, really need to see this. Not even the Live Aid performance of this (WHICH I HATE THAT THEY LEFT OUT OF THE MOVIE) gives a hint at how gloriously chaotic “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” could get on stage

So here ya go, from Wembley a couple of weeks earlier than the Budapest photo above, on July 11. Here you’ll see Brian switching between three guitars (you see his black Telecaster above, which he typically used for the first solo), and both him and Freddie actively engaging keyboard player Spike Edney, who’s absolutely wailing on the piano for this. (Spike is still playing with Queen today!)

There’s a camera parked behind Roger, who really doesn’t get enough credit for how hard he pounds drums (as if Bonham is the only one who hits hard or something?), and Deacy’s shorts are so short that he looks like he’s wearing a big t-shirt and nothing else while he POGOS HIS WAY THROUGH. (Check right around 3:30 for several shots of him bouncing clear off the ground.) This ain’t just a rhythm section. Both of these fellas are bringing the pain

This clip cuts in just after Freddie laughs, “Everybody knows I can’t play the fucking guitar,” and opens with his holy invocation, “This is for all you crazy f*****s out there.”

Turn this WAY THE FUCK UP, and soak in it. Amazing stuff.

Freddie Mercury: Queen at Congres Gebouw in The Hague, Holland on December 8 1974, by Gijsbert Hanekroot