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Brian at Freddie’s flat, 1973. From the book “Queen on camera, off guard.”

Freddie at Live Aid, by Phil Dent, my edit of original via

Freddie Mercury, Queen in London, October 1 1976, by Anwar Hussein

Freddie Mercury, 1975, my edit of original via imdb

Queen: Brian May and John Deacon from the tour program for A Day At The Races, 1977, my edit of original via

Brian May, Queen – 1974


Promo advert from New Musical Express – August 18, 1973

Queen: Japan 1976, via theqoo

Freddie Mercury and Brian May at Live Aid, 1985, via freddiemqueen


WAIT WHAT – Freddie and Brian making unusually, uhm, specific, appraisals of each other, and seeming to approve. 

(Edinburgh, September 1, 1976, my edit of original via