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The Doors, with shy little Jimmy Morrison, by Joel Brodsky

Jim Morrison & Ray Manzarek: The Doors, San Diego 1970, by Larry Hulst.

Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek, NYC 1968, by Paul Ferrara, via crystal-ship

The Doors, 1967, by Guy Webster

The Doors, LA 1969, by Henry Diltz. 

“This is the original Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown, LA. It opened in the 30’s. After the Morrison Hotel album photo shoot, Jim wanted to get a drink, so Henry and The Doors headed for Skid Row where there were plenty of bars, including this one. A picture of this bar was on the back of their album, which led to a phone call from London asking to use the name for a new cafe: ‘The Hard Rock Cafe.’”


Ray Manzarek and The Doors. (The poster image at, as well it should be!) Nice sandals, man.

I originally posted this for Ray, but I just noticed Jim looking FIRE back there too.

The Doors, LA Woman 8-track tape, April 19, 1971.

Ray Manzarek ‎– The Golden Scarab


The Doors, by Guy Webster, a photo used for the cover of their 1967 debut album

Fantastic closeup of The Doors in front of The Doors, the first band to have a billboard on Sunset Strip