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Al Green 

Gotta dig the fur-covered round bed.

Aretha Franklin, the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, via

Marvin Gaye, 1974, by Jim Britt

Janis Joplin with her Porsche convertible, San Francisco, by Jim Marshall.

Aretha Franklin in her dressing room at Newark Symphony Hall, 1969, by Walter Iooss Jr.



Stevie photographed in 1963 | the same year he made history as the youngest artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 with Fingertips at the age of thirteen and became the first artist to have a simultaneous number one single and album in the U.S.

What a glorious photo! 

I also recently came across this insane video of Stevie at the Apollo in 1963. I’d seen plenty of televised versions of “Fingertips” that are quite nice, typically just playing to the studio recording’s backing track, but this one ain’t nice at all. LOL It’s all live, and it’s 7 minutes of fire. 

Stevie starts on bongos (!!!), swings into harmonica, the 10-piece band jumps to its feet to swing along, and after a thunderous ovation, Stevie gets pulled back for a brief, vamped encore that’s even hotter. “Let’s swing it one more time!”

Aretha, backstage at Fillmore West, February 1971, by Jim Marshall


Vintage Rock ‘N Roll and R&B Concert Posters

  1. American Legion Hall (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – July 4, 1951

  2. Memorial Auditorium (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – March 18, 1957

  3. Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri) – November 10, 1957

  4. Memorial Auditorium (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – February 4, 1958

  5. Evergreen Ballroom (Olympia, Washington) – May 5, 1963
  6. Sunset Lake Park (Portsmouth, Virginia) – July 4, 1963
  7. Waco Coliseum (Waco, Texas) – March 18, 1965
  8. Civic Auditorium (Knoxville, Tennessee) – February 3, 1967

  9. Victory Stadium (Roanoke, Virginia) – June 26, 1968
  10. Civic Auditorium (Knoxville, Tennessee) – June 28, 1968 

Marvin Gaye at home in Detroit, 1971, by Jim Hendin

Janis, by Baron Wolman