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the supremes by john dove (1964)


Dusty Springfield with her cat and vinyl collection

Marianne Faithfull’s record player, via

“Pioneer’s Elton John Quad Special”

Patti Smith in her New York City apartment, 1974, by Allan Tannenbaum



1972 Voice of Music Stereo Turntable Speakers ad

“Sorry if we’ve ruined all your other gift ideas.”

Marianne Faithfull’s record player, via

Jimi Hendrix’s hi-fi 

Clever, but no….

There’s actually quite a bit of documentation of Jimi’s record collections in London, New York, and Seattle, but alas, no mention of The Stooges. Check out an amazing overview here, with a deeper dive into the London collection he shared with Kathy Etchington here, which includes a complete list.

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