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Ringo and John, Help!, 1965

The Beatles goofing around on the Mad Day Out, eerily heartbreaking, July 28 1968, by Tom Murray


Ringo Starr spent from June 3-10th in hospital for his troublesome tonsils.

Ringo Starr, 1969, by Douglas Kirkland

Ringo, in The Beatles last performance on Top of the Pops, 1966

The Beatles recording The Saturday Club for BBC radio, Playhouse Theatre, May 21 1963, via multiplusbooks. These are adorable!


Please remember how I feel about you

I could never really live without you

So, come on back and see

Just what you mean to me

I need you

         Help! (1965) dir. Richard Lester

Ringo at the Sunday morning rehearsal for The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, February 8, 1964, by Paul Popper

Ringo and Freddie, via queenphotos

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