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the beatles mad day out photoshoot is just paul getting more naked as the day goes on

buttoned up, we’re going with the 3 piece suit for this journey

we’ve unbuttoned now. the button was too much. too formal. this is better somehow

the jacket had to go. we’re slowly coming to terms that the 3 piece suit in the middle of summer was a stupid idea

for some reason the shirt was the bum wheel but the vest? the vest was on to something

the vest wasn’t on to shit. the vest had to go. shoes too. fuck it



Ringo and Pattie

On the set of A Hard Day’s Night, the day of filming Ringo’s solo walkabout, March 10, 1964

The Beatles filming A Hard Day’s Night, by Ulf Krüger

The Beatles, Scotland, 1964, by Robert Whitaker. “All four were very inventive and spontaneous. I asked them to jump up on the wall. They grabbed these umbrellas, and then John…well, Look at him in that photo. He’s Levitating.”

Sassy Ringo! Photo by Terry O’Neill.

The Beatles at Abbey Road for Sgt. Pepper

The Beatles returning to Heathrow from Spain, July 4, 1965

The Beatles goofing around on the Mad Day Out, eerily heartbreaking, July 28 1968, by Tom Murray


Ringo Starr spent from June 3-10th in hospital for his troublesome tonsils.