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Lou Reed in a Lou Reed t-shirt at The Bottom Line, NYC, May 1978, by Sheri Lynn Behr, via

Freddie Mercury, Queen in London, October 1 1976, by Anwar Hussein

Jimmy Page at Kinetic Playground in Chicago,  May 24, 1969 by Lori Fujii

Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page. HE’S WET

Jimi Hendrix at The Isle of Wight, August 1970, by Chris Walter.

btw, you need to be more familiar with this amazing festival than you probably are. Here’s how just the second half of Sunday went: Donovan (who did both acoustic and electric sets), Pentangle, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, and Richie Havens. 

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, March 27, 1975, The Forum, by Neal Preston

Led Zeppelin ALL DONE. (Except Jonesy. Jonesy still rarin’ to go.)

Marc Bolan wearing his Chuck Berry t-shirt

Mick Jagger, Vienna, September 1973, by Anwar Hussein


Robert Plant with his Jimmy Page t-shirt.

Found one more!