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Brian May: Queen in Milwaukee, September 10, 1980, the day that The Game hit #1 in the US (their only #1 album here), by Todd K. Owens, my edit of original via

Divine making the scene in New York City, ~1978 by Chris Stein, via his Instagram

Freddie Mercury, 1975, by Fin Costello

Joni Mitchell

The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards and Mick Jagger at the Marquee Club,1971, to launch Sticky Fingers, by Keith Morris. 

(Upgraded source; my edit)

Because Peter Gabriel in a sequined shirtless tuxedo unitard, that’s why. Pacific Northwest Theatre, Seattle, 1973, by John Brott

Renato Zero


Elton John – Boston, July 4, 1976

Photo: Ron Pownall