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Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, March 27, 1975, The Forum, by Neal Preston


WAIT WHAT – Freddie and Brian making unusually, uhm, specific, appraisals of each other, and seeming to approve. 

(Edinburgh, September 1, 1976, my edit of original via 

Freddie by the Bay: Oakland, December 16, 1978 by Ed Perlstein, via queenpoland

Queen: Freddie Mercury and John Deacon (in overalls!) singing together in Edinburgh, September 1, 1976, my edit of original at

Freddie Mercury and John Deacon all up in Roger Taylor’s drum kit at Milton Keynes, 1982, my edit of original via queenphotos


Froger in Tokyo, 25th April 1979

So much to unpack here! Jimmy Page in pink velvet pants, playing guitar with a bow, shirtless Bonzo in full flight – it’s alllllmost too much, but still never enough. via lespaulforum

Alice Cooper, 1973, by David Bailey. 

Like A Leper Messiah! Freddie Mercury at the Manchester Apollo, November 27 1979, by Kevin Cummins /Iconic Images

Freddie Mercury,  “I Was Born To Love You”, via madeinheaven19461991