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Neil Young, Boston 1967, by Linda McCartney via her official site

Jimbert’s complementary floral ensembles, Jonesy’s non-judgmental sideburns (1975)


Sideburn appreciation post… 🧡

Gregg Allman, by Sidney Smith via guitarinternational

Handsome Johnny

John Lennon at work on “Fool On The Hill”, September 25, 1967, by Koh Hasebe, via thebeatlesrecording

(The other lads were there, and I’ll share other pics soon, but this picture of John is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.)


Johh, Cynthia, George and Pattie attend the Beach Boys concert in Paris at the

Palais de Chaillot

  benefiting UNICEF.

December 16, 1967

Neil Young in Buffalo Springfield, 1967, by Henry Diltz

Gregory Allman, Golden God, my edit of original via NealPrestonPhotography

Rooftop Johnny (in Yoko’s coat!)