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Stevie Wonder, swinging! via rollingstone



Marvin Gaye at the Royal Albert Hall, 1976, by David Redfern

Prince, Paisley, by Gene Shaw

Sly Stone, in Sly & The Family Stone’s sole appearance on Soul Train, recorded May 1974

Aretha Franklin and Dr. John, 1971, via Dr. John’s Facebook page.

The Doctor guested on a couple of Aretha’s 1971 singles, notably playing percussion on “Rock Steady” (released in February; I wrote about that here), and playing keyboards on Aretha’s cover of “Spanish Harlem”, a July 1971 single that became the opening track of Aretha’s Greatest Hits, released that September. It

spent three weeks at #1 on the US soul charts and two weeks at #2 on the Pop chart on the way to selling over 1 million copies.

(btw, the b-side referenced here, “Lean On Me”, isn’t a cover of the song that Bill Withers hadn’t written yet, of course, but rather the 1970 Vivian Reed original, a fantastic track, one of Aretha’s most powerful performances – but no Dr. John means that I’ll save it for another day.)

Aretha Franklin on Top of the Pops, July 30, 1970, by Ron Howard

Aretha, backstage at Fillmore West, February 1971, by Jim Marshall

James Brown, 1967, Long Island Airport, by Jean-Marie Périer. 

When James bought this Learjet 23 in 1965, he became the first black person to own a private jet. [source] [source]

Aretha Franklin, 1960