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Aretha Franklin, the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, via

Marvin Gaye, 1974, by Jim Britt

Janis Joplin with her Porsche convertible, San Francisco, by Jim Marshall.

Aretha Franklin at a press conference, March 26, 1973, via theatlantic

Aretha Franklin, 1968, by Don Hunstein

Aretha Franklin in her dressing room at Newark Symphony Hall, 1969, by Walter Iooss Jr.

Aretha, backstage at Fillmore West, February 1971, by Jim Marshall

Marvin Gaye at home in Detroit, 1971, by Jim Hendin

Janis, by Baron Wolman

19-year old Prince Rogers Nelson (yes, with sequins glued to his chest), 1977, by Robert Whitman