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Thunderpussy, “Somebody To Love”If you’re look…

Thunderpussy, “Somebody To Love”

If you’re looking for a contemporary band with a female-presenting name with roots in the crunchiest part of late 60s and early 70s, allow me to present the actual females of Thunderpussy, and their cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic!

The brand-new studio version is in fact terrific, but it put me in mind of the excellent version above from a KEXP performance recorded August 2, 2018. 

The fact is that I’m nuts about ‘em. Their eponymous debut album last year features prominently in my best of 2018 playlists over on Spotify (the short version here, the longer one here). 

They’ve done some stomping covers to start drawing a crowd beyond “Somebody to Love”, including the hardest-rocking version of “Taking Care of Business” you’ll ever hear (sorrynotsorry, BTO), from the movie Fighting With My Family (which I really enjoyed!)….

…but to my point about loving their record, their original songs are really where it’s at. 

I’ve offered two covers, so here are two originals.

First, “Speed Queen”, featuring a cameo from superfan Mike McCeady of Pearl Jam, who signed them to his label and produced (and played on) their first single. You won’t miss him, driving the Pontiac Firebird at around the 20 second mark,  chauferring the titular Speed Queen. He may pop up a couple more times, but I’ll count on the Pearl Jammies to school me on the rest.

I’m especially fond of bands who not only release eponymous albums, but feature eponymous title tracks. 

Here then is “Thunderpussy”, by Thunderpussy, from their album Thunderpussy.

Anyway, anyone who complains that there’s no great rock and roll being produced these days is probably only paying attention to contemporary men, who are in fact mostly really pathetic. 

MOST of the best rock and roll being produced today is by women, and, my fondness for Thunderpussy notwithstanding, a lot of the best of it doesn’t owe much at all to the past. Check out those Spotify playlists I linked to above for more details, but in the meantime, turn up the Thunderpussy! 


I should note that we’re coming up on a big day for Thunderpussy. Despite dozens of products and companies with Pussy in the name able to receive trademarks, the US Patent and Trademark Office is using Urban Dictionary, of all resources, to deny Thunderpussy’s trademark application because the term is “disparaging”. Not obscene. Just rude. Based on Urban Dictionary.


I’ll be honest, the P word isn’t one I use, nor one that the women in my immediate circle do. If you use it as a slur, please unfollow me

Otherwise, the point is that other people who do use that word for their companies and products ARE receiving patents, and the one enitity that isn’t is the one entity who’s reclaiming it as a word of power for women. This is neither incidental nor accidental, but another act of hostility against strong women by the legal establishment.

The Supreme Court will be considering this as part of another case, with arguments set to begin this week as I write this (mid-April 2019), after a 5-year fight.


Photo via Seattle Times – check their article on the trademark fight here.

Even better, read this interview in Louderwire, which also goes into their musical influences and all kinds of other good stuff. Just a fantastic interview.

And don’t miss this editorial in Forbes, of all places, telling the Supremes to just suck it up and grant the trademark – way back in the summer of 2018! Yet here we still are….   Nothing Scandalous Here: It’s Time To Grant Thunderpussy’s Trademark

And for sure check out @Thunderpussiez on Instagram, including this great artwork by Ashley Longshore: