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David Bowie and me (I wish), Los Angeles 1974, by Terry O’Neill. Spectacular new scan courtesy Mouche Gallery, where you’ll find many of Terry’s most iconic photos looking better than you’ve ever seen them before. Check ‘em out!

Mick and The Sassy Stones on ABC’s Your Lucky Stars, 1964, by Terry O’Neill

David Bowie, Thin White Dog if you will, 1974, by Terry O’Neill


Elton John in a flamboyant stage outfit of feather trimmed jacket and rhinestone encrusted glasses, circa 1973.
Photo by Terry O’Neill

David Bowie, Soul Dog, by Terry O’Neill

John Lennon, 1964, by Terry O’Neill




Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright (1971)

Together, they co-wrote all nine songs on Stevie’s 1971 album Where I’m Coming From, including the Billboard #8 hit “If You Really Love Me”, which also features Syreeta’s strong harmony vocals. Photo by Terry O’Neill.

The album they wrote together, Where I’m Coming From, was released in April 1971, and here’s the mono single mix of their song, “If You Really Love Me” released in August 1971.

Janis Joplin, by Terry O’Neill

Sassy Ringo! Photo by Terry O’Neill.

Elton John casually lounging at home in London, 1973, by Terry O’Neill via rollingstone