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Bob Dylan, The Rolling Thunder Revue—Bangor, Maine, November 27, 1975, photo by Ken Regan.


Bob Dylan on The Rolling Thunder Revue, my edit of original via medium

Bob Dylan and THAT HAT, alt take for the cover of Desire, taken by Ken Regan, October 31, 1975 in Plymouth, MA as The Rolling Thunder Revue got underway. My edit of original via popspotnyc, a phenomenal resource for specific locations of photos around the city and beyond.

Bob Dylan on The Rolling Thunder Revue with THAT HAT, 1975, by Ken Regan, my edit of original via dontforgetthesongs

Bob Dylan and THAT HAT on The Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975, by Ron Galella via rollingstone


Bob Dylan with Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell, visiting the Tuscarora Tribe, November 16, 1975.



🎶 One more cup of coffee for the road / One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go / To the valley below 🎶

In honor of Rolling Thunder Revue and accidental hairdos – here’s to you Bobby D 💕

Bob Dylan photo credit to The New Yorker and Netflix.

@soundsof71 this feels like something you’d get a kick out of

Rolling Thunder Bob! My spirit animal! And THAT HAT! Of COURSE I love it, @harlequin-of-heaven-and-hell! Your epic pic is awesome, and so are you for thinking of me!!!

And in honor of both your photo and your caption, here’s a clip of Bob both rolling and thundering (with lightning from Scarlet Rivera’s violin) on “One More Cup of Coffee” from the Netflix Rolling Thunder story….

Tom Petty, THAT HAT