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Cass Elliot: Cleopatra in Palm Springs, by Henry Diltz. I found this at Henry’s Facebook page, where, of all the hundreds of iconic photos he’s famous for, and hundreds more you’ll fall in love with as you explore his work, THIS is his poster image.  

“Gary Burden and I took Cass out to the Palms Springs desert in a limo to take this picture for an album cover. It never got used for the cover, but it was a billboard on Sunset Strip. The oud in the picture was bought for me in Egypt by my father, however, it was a designer oud and couldn’t actually be tuned. Bummer for me, but good for the picture.”

Jimmy Page, The Monkees, and Ann Moses, the Features Editor for Tiger Beat. “The Yardbirds were in Hollywood to perform at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on September 7, 1966. After our interview, Jimmy asked me if I could introduce them to the Monkees – the buzz was out on this new pop sensation.” via Ann’s Facebook page, here. She also mentions that the button she was wearing said “Fly high with the Yardbirds!”

Janis, by Baron Wolman

John & Yoko, New York 1971, by Ben Ross

Janis & Janis, both by Baron Wolman

I’ve seen a lot of pictures from The Beatles Mad Day Out (July 28, 1968), but this is definitely one of the maddest. Is Ringo wearing a BOOT on his head?

David Bowie on Paddington Green, London, September 1969, by Alec Byrne via alecbyrnearchive

Jimi Hendrix in San Francisco at the Winterland, 1968, by Baron Wolman

Let It Beard