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Pete Townshend by Barrie Wentzell, 1968

Pete Townshend at home, 1966, by Tony Gale. One more:

Elton John, with The Who’s Pete Townshend

Woodstock, given an Academy Award for Best Documentary on April 15, 1971.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, aired September 17, 1967

Roger Daltrey, The Who, Los Angeles ca. 1975, by Neal Preston

The Who: Roger Daltrey, not un-Golden Godly here (December 9, 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre, London)

The Who, Who’s Next 8-track, August 14, 1971.



I’ve created an abomination three times over-

If it wasn’t already apparent

I thought I could draw some bands in the style of the Beatles cartoon- and oh boy, people let me tell you how hard it is to draw this bad 😂

Genius idea, flawless execution! These are fantastic!