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David Bowie: first Ziggy Stardust photo session, January 1972, by Brian Ward. 

David Gilmour’s Lips & Tongue Appreciation Post. (I found these outside tumblr. If they’re yours, I’ll happily add credits!) 

David Bowie, Beverly Hills 1972, by Mick Rock

Serious Moonlight: David Bowie, 1983, by Denis O’Regan, because you probably don’t have enough pictures of David Bowie’s tongue

I’ve seen a lot of pictures from The Beatles Mad Day Out (July 28, 1968), but this is definitely one of the maddest. Is Ringo wearing a BOOT on his head?

Brian May, fluffy angel man, via nme

Iggy Pop for 1977′s The Idiot, by Allan Tannenbaum, via pitchfork

Because sometimes you need a looping gif of David Bowie’s tongue

Debbie Harry, 1977, by Henry Diltz

Kiss, January 31 1973 at New York’s Academy of Music, by Bob Gruen via losgrandesfotografos